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Arts for Health works in partnership with facilities and estates and often outside arts organisations to ensure that new environments and developments as regards buildings and ward spaces benefit from the involvement of artists and service users artwork. A key example of this is the Redwoods Centre Arts Programme.

This is an ongoing commitment by Arts for Health – to continue to promote the importance of a positive, colourful and healing environment through the involvement of the arts within Trust developments.

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Currently we are developing work to support a new 136 suite in Stafford at our St George’s site. We have been working with a photographer and poet who have facilitated workshops with service users; taking photos and writing words that inspire . This has been linked to a photography competition for staff and service users – to try to build up a body of landscape photography that will be used to provide a calming and welcoming environment within and outside the 136 suite.

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At our Severn Fields Health Village in Sundorne, Shrewsbury, we are working with Participate – a group of local artists – particularly Keith Ashford and Liz Turner – to develop a sculptural artwork that will both enhance the environment, but more importantly that will provide a privacy screen for people waiting for appointments; and contribute to a better acoustic environment. Liz and Keith will be running workshops for service users and staff from June 22nd at Severn Fields to develop the design and construction of the sculpture.

At our Hall Court Centre in Telford, we worked with a photographer during 2017/18 to engage with service users – taking photographs of the local environment to develop into large scale artworks for the centre. The participants have created a large body of photographic images which have been enlarged and installed in each of the consultation rooms plus the corridors and waiting area.

“These look great Jessica. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the work! It will make a huge difference to the atmosphere here.” Senior Psychotherapist