Use the Arts to Boost the Nation's Health

An article by Peter Bazalgette in The Guardian.  Click here to read the article

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep

Written by Psychiatrist Dr Jo Cannon, this book was inspired by her work with patients and is soon to be made into a television drama. Click here to read the Guardian article

Jo worked as a Psychiatrist at George Bryan Centre and is a strong supporter of Arts for Health, particularly reading for wellbeing. Now a full time writer, Jo is currently working on her second novel but also finds time to volunteer with Arts for Health - co-facilitating the reading for wellbeing sessions at St Georges and helping out with Songs for You in Cannock. She recently made a call out on Twitter for books for the wards to which publishers have responded generously and a large quantity of books have now arrived at St Georges!

Jo also writes a very interesting and inspiring blog about her own experiences.  Click here to read Jo's blog

Colouring books for adults benefit mental health

A study shows anxiety and depression may be reduced by colouring in for as little as 10 minutes a day. Click here to read the article

Art can be a powerful medicine against dementia

A recent article in The Guardian explains how the arts can be used as a powerful medicine against dementia. Click here to read the article